Anxiety of the Forest

The relationship between the still and animated image is the catalyst and inspiration in my work.  The combination of the two establishes an avenue to explore both the literal external landscape as well as a corresponding internal landscape. Within this inquiry, time, equilibrium, anxiety, and dementia become amplified through images depicting my presence within a framed wilderness.

A forest provides an entry point for reflection, while sound, light, and movement establish an arena of life and decay.  Both familiar and unfamiliar landscapes generate an experience that evokes thoughts of impermanence. In the forest, one will experience moments of calm and moments of unevenness by navigating the passageways within each landscape.  These in-between states offer a fracture in balance, and provides a foundation for me to create artwork.

The video below is titled, 8/30/10-5/18/11 and is created of over 16,000 still images that are set to a rhythmic sequence.  Please view the video while wearing headphones to experience the binaural sound composition.

© Christopher L. Barrett, Jr.